TR Apprenticeship is a ministry training program designed for undergraduate and graduate students. Through intentional coaching led by a Thomas Road staff member, TR Apprenticeship seeks to grow students personally and ministerially as they prepare for future ministry.

In Mark 1, Jesus calls his first disciples by saying, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” Jesus’s paradigm of training disciples was having them live alongside him as he accomplished his ministry. As they learned and observed from Him, Jesus would eventually send them out to do their own ministry (Mark 6:7-13; Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8). TR Apprenticeship uses this same pattern within a coaching context to train college students who are going into vocational ministry or are interested in serving in a local church context.

TR Apprenticeship utilizes a three-pronged approach to developing students:

  • Learn – studying materials that will enhance the student’s understanding of the ministry field
  • Observe – integration into the daily operations and program elements of a ministry department.
  • Practice – utilizing what has been learned and observed by serving and leading in a ministry area
Who qualifies for the TR Apprenticeship program?

The TR Apprenticeship program is designed for:

  • Undergraduate and graduate students who need to fulfill an academic practicum requirement for their degree program
  • Students interested in long-term vocational ministry or work within a local church.
How do I apply for TR Apprenticeship?

Applying for TR Apprenticeship is an easy process:

  • Fill out a TR Apprenticeship Application and submit to your department staff member. If you do not know which department or staff member to submit it to, email and we can connect you with the correct department.
  • Departments will review your application and contact you about an interview and next steps.
What are the responsibilities of a TR Apprentice?

While every department will require different levels of commitment based upon their own ministry needs, here is a list of basic responsibilities:

  • Attend the TR Apprenticeship kickoff on Sunday, January 28 following the 11:00AM service
  • Meet with your coaching group once a month
  • Fulfill all requirements needed for your academic program
  • Attend monthly all-staff meeting on the first Monday of the month at 11:15AM. (Not required, but highly recommended)
  • TR Apprenticeship is structured as a year-long program, so we are asking for a year-long commitment.
What are the benefits of TR Apprenticeship?

While the TR Apprenticeship is unpaid, it provides practical ministry training for students who are interested in vocational ministry or those who are interested in using their gifts within the context of the local church. Some benefits include:

  • Department-specific coaching with a TR Staff Member that will integrate ministry growth, personal development, and learning competencies
  • Practical ministry experience
  • Involvement in the conception, planning, and execution of ministry projects and church events.
  • Access to department and church wide staff meetings


Important Spring 2018 Dates

Important Spring 2018 Dates:

  • January 22 – First Day of Class
  • January 28 – Spring 2018 Kickoff
  • February 5 – All Staff Meeting
  • March 5 – All Staff Meeting
  • March 19-23 – Spring Break
  • April 1/2 – Easter Sunday/Easter Holiday
  • April 2 – All Staff Meeting (Tentative)
  • May 7 – All Staff Meeting
  • May 8 – Last Day of Class