Join us Monday nights at 7:00 pm through Zoom for 12 weeks of training on how to disciple new believers. You will receive practical insights on how to take a new Christian through the Start book and The Timothy Initiative book, Disciples Making Disciples.
START Book Part 1 
DMD Chapter 1 / The Spirit-Filled Christian Life                                     
DMD Chapter 2 / My Story 
DMD Chapter 3 / God’s Story 

DMD Chapter 4 / New Identity & Assurance of Salvation 

DMD Chapter 5 / Living a Life of Prayer 

DMD Chapter 6 / Learning to Feed Yourself 

DMD Chapter 7 / Daily Devotions 

DMD Chapter 8 / Discovery Bible Study

DMD Chapter 9 / God our Heavenly Father

DMD Chapter 10 / Life in the Church 

What’s Next? 


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