Financial Peace University
your money made simple

Why you should participate?

The average family has an $8,000 financial turnaround in just the first 90 days!

Reason one | Freedom Is a Biblical Principle

Dealing with our finances is also a Biblical calling. As a Christian, we want to be available for whatever God calls us to do. When you are covered in debt, then you are in bondage and not free to give, go, and serve. Debt keeps you from making decisions when God calls. FPU is all about Financial Peace. Freedom. It gives you the ability to dream again and a path to make those God dreams come true.

Reason two | Because Debt Is Bad

Think about it…NO debt is always good! Therefore, we should always strive to be debt free. FPU gives you the tools to become debt free. It even puts you on a path to financial freedom. Can you imagine a world where you have no debt payments and no mortgage payments?  How could we impact the world for Christ?

Reason three | Because We Are Called to Be Generous

People want to be generous. They want to be generous, but don’t feel like they can be generous. They have little or no margin in their finances to give to the church, support a favorite charity, help others with a mission trip, or simply give money to help meet needs that they encounter on a regular basis. FPU puts you on a path where you can be as generous as you want to be.

Ready to get started?

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Still have questions?

What do I get with FPU?
When you purchase a Financial Peace University (FPU) membership, you receive all of the class materials and access to the FPU online resources you need to succeed. If you have purchased a membership in the past, please know that you can attend the Sunday FPU class and watch the videos in class, but your workbook will be out-of-date. If you would like to purchase updated materials, please contact Ramsey Solutions at 1-888-227-3223 to discuss your options. (Note: You may attend the class and watch the videos without purchasing updated materials.) 
How are classes structured?

The class meets for nine weeks. We will watch the FPU videos together and follow up with small group interaction for practical application.

What happens if I miss one class? Can I make it up?

As part of your current FPU membership, you’ll have access to watch the lessons at If you miss a class, you can review that week’s lesson and share what stuck out to you with your coordinator when you return the following week. If you have an older FPU membership, you will not be able to access the videos online. Please contact Ramsey Solutions at 1-(888) 227-3223 to discuss your options. 

Will I be asked to provide any personal financial information?

A couple of times throughout the nine lessons, you will collect financial data to get a cumulative financial view of the class. This data is strictly confidential and will not be tied to any personally identifiable information.

Can I get additional assistance?

Your FPU membership covers the nine-week class, the ability to attend future FPU classes and access to FPU Central. For more personalized coaching, TRBC offers person financial coaching by some of our FPU coordinators and Ramsey Solutions trained financial coaches. If you need financial coaching, email us at or call the Thomas Road Adult Ministries office at 434-592-6632. If you haven’t been through FPU yet, that is a great place to start your journey.


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