Flourish And Thrive As You Raise Your Tribe

A special place where you can meet other mothers passing through this unique stage of life.

(*Formerly known as MOPS)

Why you should participate


Reason one

A Place of Common Ground

Mom Life is a place to make new friends, discover a wealth of helpful hints and smarter strategies when dealing with the challenges of motherhood.  Our program offers a morning of food, fun, creative activities, guest speakers on relevant topics such as parenting, relationships, marriage, and more!  Plus attending children are cared for in our quality, biblically based children’s program!

Reason two


It’s designed to encourage relationships with other women in similar stages of life while meeting a member right where she is with her Christian walk. Mom Life isn’t a bible study, but more of a structured get-together for moms to enjoy breakfast, listen to a speaker, make a craft, and have brief discussion time about motherhood and Jesus.

Reason three

Time to be with friends

We also offer structured childcare. Your child will have time to make new friends and play while giving you time with friends.

Ready to get started ?

Our Mom Life group meets two Thursday mornings a month for fun, fellowship and spiritual growth. We have two sessions through out the year: one in the fall and one in the spring.

For more information, please email momlife@trbc.org 

Mom Life Steering Committee

Questions? Contact Us.

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