If you were around or were a part of our church community at the beginning of this year, we began the new decade with a collective prayer….that God would do amazing things in this year. We started the year as a church family with 21 days of fasting and prayer around that theme… that our vision for this new year and new decade would be expanded…and clear. And boy have we had to look through new lenses this year!

Mix a pandemic with social unrest, add job loss and financial uncertainty, pour in heated debates, sprinkle with an election and at times down right incivility, put them all together, and there you have the year 2020. It’s been a recipe for a crazy year. The new decade that seemed so full of hope has quickly faded into a universal understanding that life is not in our control. And although it may seem trite, none of this, caught God by surprise. Christmas means many things all over the world, but if there is one word that encapsulates the carols we sing and the moments we share together, it’s ‘HOPE’ and we want to remind you… HOPE IS NOT CANCELED.


This Christmas season our minds wander back to the story of a young couple facing obstacles of their own – traveling far from home for a required census, crowded streets, hurried strangers, and the woman facing the impending birth of her child. The man desperately looking for lodging with little money and out of options – was offered a stable filled with hay and animals.  Much like us today, Mary and Joseph faced conditions out their control.  But, there in those humble surroundings the thrill of hope arrived as the Savior of the World was born!

While we’ve faced many trials in 2020, one thing remains constant – the hope and peace that can be found in Jesus!  Who needs reminded of this fact?  Let’s share the good news of the greatest gift of all with the hurting in our community. Jesus taught us to love one another and Christmas is the perfect time to put our faith into action.

Will you join us?

Christmas Party Bag

This year has been filled with the unexpected and since we are not able to host a Christmas party on campus, we have the unique opportunity to bring the hope of Jesus to those in need by taking the party to the families! Each party bag will include: a board game, movie, snacks, and a holiday craft – giving the entire family an opportunity to make lasting memories this Christmas season. The party bag will also include gift cards allowing the family to purchase gifts for their loved ones, as well as a Bible, an invitation to our Christmas Eve service, and information the ministries of Thomas Road.

Sponsorship for a Family Christmas party bag is $300.00.  Maybe you can sponsor an entire bag (or two) or maybe you want to join with family, friends, or your life group to sponsor a gift bag together. Either way, click on an amount below and let’s get the party started!


Share some Christmas Hope

Invite friends to watch one of our services with you, share your favorite Christmas image, or post a picture of how Christmas at home looks for you. Make sure you use the hashtag!