Pray this with us!

  1. Led by the Holy Spirit – That we would be in tune with and submitted to the Holy Spirit’s leading, directing us individually and as an entire ministry.
  2. Not I but Christ – As much as we want it to be, life is not about us! Because He gave His life for us, we in return give our entire lives to Him and we have the ability to do so because He is active and living in us to carry out His truth.
  3. For the least in the community – God cares for ALL people and we want to continue to pray to see people the way that God does, made in His image. We’re to remove bias and lean in to help and care for those that may not look like us or be people we are naturally drawn towards.
  4. Don’t complain – We want to continue to have the posture that we GET to do ministry and work for the Lord. God needs nothing from us yet He loves us and chooses to partner in ministry with us, and what a joy that is.

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