Parent Resources 

We are passionate about coming alongside families to help disciple their children. Here you will find an ever-growing collection of resources from our NextGen team that will help you grow as a parent or caregiver and as a follower of Jesus in every stage of parenthood.



God, Marriage, and Family – Andreas Kostenberger

Shepherding a Child’s Heart– Tedd Tripp

Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family– Paul David Tripp

Give Them Grace– Elyse Fitzpatrick

Grace Based Parenting– Tim Kimmel

The Digital Invasion– Archibald Hart and Sylvia Frejd

A Practical Guide to Parenting– John Stonestreet and Brett Kunkle

The Good Fight: How Conflict Can Bring You Closer– Les & Leslie Parrot

The Parent You Want to Be– Les & Leslie Parrot

Safe House– Joshua Straub

High School

Multiply – Francis Chan

Just Do Something – Kevin DeYoung

Explicit Gospel – Matt Chandler

Don’t Waste Your Life – John Piper

Sticky Faith – Kara Powell

Boundaries with Teens: When to Say Yes, How to Say No – John Townsend

Parenting That Sticks Breakout Sessions

The 3 Stages of Parenting

Parenting is a journey and every stage of being a parent requires a change in approach. In the Parenting That Sticks Podcast, we take a look at the three stages of parenting and provide some strategies for parents to leverage each stage to best shepherd and disciple their kids.

Navigating Culture as Parents

Biblical Approaches to Discipline

“I wish I knew then, what I know now” – Hindsight is always 20/20. In this audio cast, a guest panel of parents dialogue on what they have learned over their years of parenting.

Knowing your child Pastor Matt Willmington shares on how knowing your child and the stages of parenting can mean the difference in discipline that sticks and discipline that doesn’t. In this audio cast, you will be challenged to keep in mind that discipline requires wisdom and foresight, it’s more than behavior, it’s about a destination.

Living with the Future in View Dr. Randy Stinson, Author, Provost SBTS, speaks on the relationship between discipline and the shaping of your child’s future. Dr. Stinson also talks practically on approaches to disciplining young children and gives wisdom on understanding the development of boys.

Parenting in the Digital Age

Today’s always online culture presents parents a unique challenge that they never faced before. In this ParentingthatSticks, we take a practical look at how families can be safe, balanced, and connected in today’s media driven culture.

Biblical Worldview of Parenting

Parenting is a most precious gift. In fact, the Bible teaches that being a parent, means that parents have a stewardship opportunity before God. In this ParentingthatSticks, we challenge ourselves to parent intentionally knowing that the goal is seeing our children’s children be followers of Jesus. Meet the Pillai’s.  Ajay and Heather have five children, who are all ten and under.  In this video, they discuss both the challenges and joys that come with parenting preschool and elementary aged children and offer suggestions on how you can be intentional in influencing your kids’ spiritual development. Meet the Moore’s.  Brandon and Christina have three teenage children.  In this video, they offer insight on how to coach your students through the unique decisions and issues they face as teenagers and how to maintain influence as your kids grow up and become more independent. Meet Michael Harsch.  As first generation Christians, Michael’s parents often struggled in their marriage and parenting, but, slowly, the grace of God transformed their lives and they became more intentional in leading their home spiritually. Be encouraged as he recounts the incredible work of restoration he has witnessed in his parents’ lives.
Meet Laura Buschmann.  Laura is a single mom of a 22 year old daughter.  In this video, she discusses the importance of consistency, communication and transparency in influencing the next generation and challenges single parents to be intentional about leaning on extended family and friends for help, support and encouragement.

Time Matters

Family Time Devotionals

Click here for free family time devotionals. Family Time is a weekly family devotional designed to help parents open God’s Word with their kids, together.

Turning Screen Time Into Ministry

We’ve partnered with RightNow Media to provide you with an exciting online video library. We’re thrilled to offer this resource because it lines up with the mission and core values of our church. You will have instant access to thousands of great videos and curriculums for you and for your kids!

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Serving Stats

Total Volunteers: 2,225

Life Group Leaders: 330

TRYA: 116

Care Team: 46

Host Team: 116

Neighborhood Connectors: 426

Multi-cultural: 42

Preschool & Nursery: 249

Special Needs: 39

Kids (Elementary) Ministry: 277

Student Ministry: 168

Choir: 313

Orchestra: 64

Missions: 27

OCC Boxes Donated 2021: 1,500

Foster and Adoptive Families Served: 146

Nursery Stats

Diapers Changed: 750

Take Home Snacks Provided: 1,800

Toys Cleaned: 10,000

Impact Sports

Players: 1,000

Coaches/Volunteers: 137


Group Attendance

Preschool: 29 Groups

Kids: 46 Groups

Students: 20 Groups

TRYA: 27 Groups

Married Life: 10 Groups

Men’s Life: 41 Groups

Women’s Life: 77 Groups

Adult Life: 37 Groups

Sunday Groups: 35 Groups

Senior Life: 19 Groups

Group Stats

Life Group & Adult Ministry Leaders:  446
Hours served by AM Leaders: 40,872
New Groups This Year: 46

Total Life Groups

People in Life Groups


Praise Through Song

Minutes spent in corporate Worship/Singing


Different songs sung


Countries watched

Over 79

People watching online

Over 153,000

Top 10 Countries (online)

Puerto Rico

Audience Numbers


40,393 Page Likes
52,964 Page Follows
67,377 Check-Ins


6,589 Page Follows


Salvation Numbers Church Wide: 333

Beth's Blessings Barn & Dedication

Beth’s Blessings Barn is one of our favorite God-stories at TRBC.
Beth McClain moved to a home on Wise Street in 2010, only a few years after her family experienced 2 tragic losses. Through God orchestrating many details that only He could, Beth had a new home in a new state.  She knew God had called her here but could not have known all He had in store for her.

As Beth began to get to know her new neighbors in her rough neighborhood, she trusted God to help her build relationships and show His love to her neighbors. Word began to spread that “Miss Beth was OK.” At Women’s Life Bible Study, Beth’s table collected items to help a neighbor lady move and get settled.  Then, the next semester, her group did another outreach for another neighbor. And then people just started bringing donations to Beth’s home for her to distribute to her neighbors.  When she ran out of space, her Sunday morning group surprised her with her first Blessings Barn to store all the donations for her neighborhood.  Beth started doing Bible study at her home each month and meeting the physical and spiritual needs of her neighbors.  A fourth barn arrived this spring from TRBC.  All four barns are full of clothing, cleaning products, paper towels, toilet paper, toiletries and other necessities that folks can’t purchase with their food stamp money.

This year, TRBC also built a covered deck on the back of Beth’s home so her Bible studies and gatherings could continue, despite covid concerns.  Pastor Jonathan and many others from TRBC were there celebrate what God has done, to dedicate the space, and pray for God’s continued blessing on the people Beth is able to minister to.

Mission Trip

Northern Virginia /DC is home to people of more than 170 nationalities and ethnic groups, making it one of the most diverse cities in the United States. As the world continues to move to America, we continue to adapt our Missions strategy to meet those needs. For the past several years we have been taking teams to NOVA/DC partnering with ministries that are focusing on reaching many of these unreached people groups. To be involved in the missions you don’t have to step on a plane and fly around the world. You can just step on a vehicle and in the matter of a few hours be on the mission field. Our vision is to start right here in our own front yard (NOVA/DC) then move to other cities across our country. Come join with us as together we, “Reach the World from Home”.

Disaster Relief

This has been a very busy and fruitful year for our TR Disaster Response Ministry. From serving our church family and community neighbors right here at home, to travels across the country to meet the needs of those devastated by floods, hurricanes, and tornados. While there is not enough space to cover every ministry in detail, here is a brief summary of our ministries preformed his year.

TR Seniors & Widows Ministry – Community Neighbors - Big Island Pastor’s Home Renovation - Flood Recovery in Charlotte County VA. & Hurley VA. - Beth’s Blessing Barn – Tree Removal – Deck Build - TRO Workdays – God’s Pit Crew Workdays – New Home Build Cleveland, TN. – Church Rebuild Lake Charles LA.

It has been a privilege to serve alongside our TR Ready Response Team. I’m proud to be part of a ministry that goes above and beyond the call of duty. While the work at times is hard, the rewards far outweigh the labor.

Ron Steele – TR Disaster Response Coordinator

Afghan Refugee Story

The sound of laughter rang through the air, as I watched the faces of smiling paint-splattered little kids run by. You wouldn’t have expected such an atmosphere, considering the circumstances these kids just escaped. Thousands of Afghan refugees left behind everything they knew and were familiar with, to survive the nightmare that is the Taliban.

I noticed her at first because, unlike the other women, her hijab had slipped off her hair and was draped perfectly over her shoulders. She wasn’t worried about the men seeing her hair since the tent in which we found shelter from the sun, was separated into two sections by tall black curtains. Her skin was fair compared to the others which made me think she most likely was wealthy in her previous life. As I walked closer, I noticed her eyes were fixated on a piece of art one of the children had done. She caught my gaze and asked in perfect English if she could keep the painting. I told her I didn’t see why not and looked down to see what she had seemed to want so desperately. The colors black, red, and green stroked across the page and collided into the image of the Afghan flag. With tears in her eyes, she asked with a weak voice, “How can you be of a people if you have no flag and no country…” At a loss for words, all I could say was that I was so glad she was safe and in America, that she is welcome here. A tear fell down her cheek as a genuine, “thank you” escaped her lips.

Then she shared, “I remember coming home from work the day before… I worked with the Embassy. Everything was normal, safe, well for the most part. Then that morning my husband and I woke up to find the Taliban had overthrown the city and they were everywhere, roaming the streets. We were terrified. For seven days we hid in our bedroom with our young 2-year-old daughter. We were too scared to even go into the living room for fear of the Taliban seeing us through the windows. After that week, which felt so much longer, my husband got a message from an American contact telling us they could get us out. When we made it to the airport, it was worse than we could have imagined. Panic had erupted everywhere. Body to body people shoving as hard as they could to get in through the gate. Eventually, we accepted that there was no way for us to get in. My daughter could hardly breathe from the crowd, so we had to leave. Later on, the American contacted us again and we miraculously escaped. I’ve been here for over a month now, and only my husband, daughter, and I made it out. The rest of my family is still stuck in Afghanistan.”
“This is a nightmare I can’t wake up from.”
I told her about how I cannot begin to imagine what she is experiencing, and how again, she is welcome here. I told her that I am a follower of Jesus the Messiah and would love to pray for her if she would allow me to. She asked me to pray that her family would escape.

Student Ministry

Middle School Attendance

275 Average

High School Attendance

245 Average

Unique Individuals Checked in since January in both areas

1,760 People


Kids attended






Young Adults

Worship Night Attendance


G2 Events


Kids Karnival

Kids attended




Camp Hydaway

Kids attended






Other Stats

Number of Special Needs Families Ministered to through Events


Families and Groups who Donated Clothes, Toys, School Supplies, and Baby Items to Journey Home




Total Baptisms



7400 hours Clinical Mental Health Counseling

1500 Hours of Pastoral Counseling Provided

285 individuals and families helped through benevolence ministry

Hospital Visits

Over 1200 Hospital visits in 2021.

Prayer Requests

1500 shared through mobile app and website


YouVersion Stats

91,801 Total Subscribers

25,508 Completed Bible Plans

AWANA verses for preschool- 1,000 verses recited for Puggles & Cubbies this year.

AWANA verses for elementary – 3,500 verses for Sparks and T&T.

Over 75 Hours of Reading Bible out loud done by Staff during January.

In 2021 Pastor Jonathan and our teaching team took the entire church through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Throughout the year we learned about God’s timeless character and His relentless love for us through the Gospel narrative present in every book!

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