Frequently Asked Questions

When does this ministry meet?

Our ministry is available Sunday mornings during the 9:30am and 11:00am service times.

Our independent adults, Spectrum 139, meet during the 11:00am service time.

Where can we park?

General parking is located in several lots surrounding the church. Different accommodations are available if your loved one is a wheelchair user or has difficulty walking.

Do you provide snacks?

Each week we provide goldfish, pretzels, gummies as well as water or juice pouches. For special occasions we have cookies or cupcakes to help celebrate. Please inform us if you would prefer to provide a snack for your loved one.

Do volunteers have a background check?

Our volunteers have a commitment to this community and have a heart to help them grow in the love of our Savior. In order to serve, each volunteer completes the application process which includes a background check and reference checks.

What special needs do you accommodate?

We attempt to accommodate every family’s specific need. As we meet, we will create a plan for your loved one in order for him/her to be successful in our different environments.

Is there a parent support group?

Our parent support group is called OASIS. Parents and caregivers can enjoy monthly meetings, Bible Studies, Mom’s/Dad’s Night Out, a private Facebook group and more. Contact us below for more information on this group.

Are there any events for my child with special needs?

Throughout the year our events provide special family moments, a quiet date night or great respite times. Contact us for a schedule of upcoming events.