Thursday Gathering

JANUARY:  Jo Michelle Pemberton – January 11th and Promise Land Quartet – January 18th

FEBRUARY:  Glen Shelton – February 8th and Living Praise – February 22nd (Joann & Tommy Willis)

MARCH:  Gloryway Quartet – March 14th and Corey Clark – March 28th

APRIL:  Jonathan Bledsoe – April 11th and The Hodsdons – April 18th


JUNE:  Niah & Allisha Merrill – June 20th and The Bledsoes – June 27th

JULY:  Victoria Bowlin – July 11th and Nailprint – July 18th

AUGUST:  The Miller’s – August 8th and Mark Cable – August 15th

SEPTEMBER: David & Charlene Adams – September 12th and Paula & Emma Egel – September 26th

OCTOBER:  Kenny Evans – October 10th and The Hyssongs – October 24th

NOVEMBER:  Sunday Drive – November 14th