Who can receive counseling at TRBC Counseling?

We offer counseling to adults and children as young as 5 from our community.   We offer individual, couple, family, & pre-marital counseling.


What is the cost for counseling?

Counseling with TRBC Counseling is free.  We are able to offer it free thanks to the support of TRBC and by utilizing students who are completing their Masters Degrees in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.


Who would be my counselor?

The counselors are intern students who are completing their Masters Degrees in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. They are supervised by Licensed Professional Counselors. 


Is this Pastoral Counseling?

No, our counselors are not pastors.  They are completing their internship for their Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.


Is there a limit to how long I can attend counseling?

Yes, we offer 12 free counseling sessions.  During your time in counseling, our providers will work to determine if other programs, such as Support and Recovery groups, would be a good option for you following your counseling sessions.


Is there a waiting list for counseling?

Because we offer free counseling, there is typically a waiting list.  When completing the application, we recommend listing as much availability as possible as the likeliness of being scheduled quicker increases when you have more availability.  If you need to receive counseling sooner, we encourage you to reach out to others on our Referral list.


How do I apply for counseling?

Follow the link below to complete the application.  Once your application is received, you will receive a phone call or email from our staff letting you know it has been received.  Once you are scheduled with a provider, that provider will reach out to you to schedule your appointments.


What can I expect for my appointment?

Appointments are scheduled to reoccur at the same day & time each week.  You will be asked to bring in your completed paperwork at your first appointment, or you will be given time to complete it during your appointment.  Individual counseling appointments are 50 minutes from the start of your scheduled appointment time.  Couple & Family counseling appointments are 75 minutes from the start of your scheduled appointment time.


Are there other local counseling offices you recommend?

Yes,  our referral list is available for anyone seeking other counseling resources.  Theses businesses do charge for their services but some accept insurance and some provide a sliding scale payment option.


I live too far away.  What do you recommend?

Unfortunately, our providers can not provide counseling outside of Virginia due to licensing.  We encourage you to go to find a counselor in your area.  The American Association of Christian Counselors is a wonderful resource. Click here to go to their website.